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You’re reaching a French-speaking market? Translate your communications with Verbatum. We’re translation experts crafting credibility into your words!


Make your content, and your business, stand out with Verbatum! Our professional and personalized translation service adapts to your field of expertise.

What you’ll get with Verbatum Translation Services:

  • A competitive rate which includes revision

  • Dedicated and experienced translators

  • Translations done by humans to be experienced by humans


Our translations are carried out by native French-speakers who know how to translate the heart of the message rather than word by word.


With us, there are no ambiguities. We provide a clear message that speaks to your French-speaking clientele.


We deliver impeccable translations since your credibility is our top priority.

We are Verbatum

Yes, we take our work seriously, but working with us is fun!

Camille Thirouin

Camille Thirouin

Camille is a true lover of languages. Pursuing this passion, she studied translation, creative writing, and publishing. She is a master of the art of translation, conveying the essence of works as diverse as business reports to literary works.
With both precision and passion, Camille delivers superior quality translations that bring every text to life… enabling words to cross linguistic borders with ease.

Régine Gardès

Régine Gardès

Régine is a Certified Translator with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in the legal and insurance sectors, fields that require impeccable technical translations. She is able to follow a project from its inception through to the certification phase. Attesting to her lifelong pursuit of professional excellence, she has several degrees in both translation and management.

Let us take care of your translation.

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